News: Winter 2018 / by Alex Boyd

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With the  St Kilda - The Silent Islands having been shortlisted for a Saltire Award, the book has had some recent press attention, as well as being included in a few end of year best of lists.

Nadine McBay covered the Saltire Nomination and my appearance at the Faclan Book festival in The National newspaper which can be read here.

The Scotsman recently devoted another full page article to the book, interviewing me ahead of my appearance at the Faclan book festival. You can read the interview by journalist Alison Campsie here: The Scotsman - New Images cast light on Scotland’s remote St Kilda islands

The Scotsman writer Roger Cox, who also recently wrote an in-depth article on the book, has included the book in his choice of 2018’s best photography books, saying that:

"Alex Boyd’s St Kilda: The Silent Islands (Luath) is a thought-provoking, “warts and all” portrait of the archipelago which pays as much attention to the islands’ brutalist military installations as it does to their precipitous cliffs and to the picturesque abandoned houses at Village Bay.”

The Herald also recently included the book on its ‘Best Scottish Books of 2018’ list. You can read the article here.

Finally, and as a thank you for all the kind support I’ve received this year, you can read the introductory chapter of St Kilda - The Silent Islands on The Island Review at the link below.

The Island Review: Alex Boyd on The Silent Islands