Critical Reviews of St Kilda - The Silent Islands / by Alex Boyd

With the launch of St Kilda - The Silent Islands, the book has appeared in a number of photography journals, and been reviewed in a number of publications.

There is a favourable review of the book in Photo Monitor by Lottie Davis which praises the books commitment to presenting an accurate picture of St Kilda, as well as the accessibility of the publication.

You can read the full review here: Photo Monitor - St Kilda - The Silent Islands

Source Photographic Review (which covers photography in Scotland & Ireland) also gave the book a positive review, with reviewer Roberta McGrath in their Autumn 2018 edition noting

“Boyd’s medium-format black-and white images are an acute record. The uninhabited landscapes reveal conservation and destruction. He shows us that islands’ preservation is, in fact, entirely dependent on militarisation.”

AP Magazine, one of the world’s oldest and most popular photography publications also recently reviewed the book, giving it 4/5 stars. Reviewer Tracy Calder wrote:

“Alex Boyd is not afraid to document the scars, military buildings and radar domes scattered around St Kilda, but he balances this out with images of the archipelago’s astonishing natural beauty. St Kilda: The Silent Islands is not a guidebook - nor was it intended to be - but it does deliver an incredible sense of place.”

The Royal Photographic Society Journal also praised the book noting:

“Alex Boyd captures the natural beauty magnificently, while his studies of aircraft wreckage, radar stations and other signs of the islands' military presence, reveal another side to this captivating place"